R S wrote on GDP-UK: treated patient pm, removed posts, rf ur1, had to apicect ur2 as canal blocked, tanen imps for permanent lab fab posts and temp lab made bridge 21/1. will review 3 to 6 mnths re permanent bridge. lava if pt compliant. post op rad posted in files under “apicect rf” 21/4/06. comments welcome

Pre Op Post Op
:dentistry:preop2.jpg :dentistry:postop2.jpg
Final PA Provisional Bridge
:dentistry:pafinal.jpg :dentistry:provbridge.jpg


Enlarged pre-op viewPre-op Link

Enlarged pre-op viewPost-op Link

Enlarged final PA viewFinal_PA Link

Enlarged provisional bridge photo viewProvisional_bridge Link

I think this is an interesting case. Maybe MTA could have been used for the apicectomy filling material on UR2. I would prefer to put a GP root filling in prior to the apicectomy on the UR2, even if I couldn't get to the apex of the root. Despite the large blush area above UR1 I think this root has a good prognosis and it may be possible to utilize this as a bridge abutment in the future. Mark Preston

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